Why a Travel Blog

I am a self-confessed world traveler and I wanted to share my experiences and slowly immerse myself in other cultures by spending time with locals, eating where they eat or simply just trying to understand someone’s point of view. As an African American Traveler, it is important that black travelers are represented in the travel industry. Fast forward four years my husband and I booked a trip to China and Japan. Our travel dreams were about to come true. A trip that truly changed our lives forever. We learned about new cultures, tasted new foods and experienced things that we never thought possible. From that point on we looked at our lives in a totally new light.

Do I have a travel list? Of course I do, but travel for me has involved over the years and its not about just checking off an item and quickly moving on to the next destination. I am learning how to travel slow and be present in the moment to experience different cultures and learn as much as I can. Each travel adventure helps shape me in becoming the best version of myself. #RonnieTravelstheWorld

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