The Perfect Outfit to Wear on a Flight

Flying can take a toll on even the most seasoned travelers, but frequent fliers like myself have learned that what you wear on a flight makes all the difference in the world. As of September 2019, I’ve flown over 60,000 miles and looking to top 100,000 by the end of the year. It all starts with how you get dressed in the morning. If you pick clothes that allow you to move, breath, and breeze through security, you’ll be one step closer to an enjoyable flight. In my opinion, It’s all about the layers. The temperature inside an airplane can go from stuffy and hot to icy cold in minutes after boarding your flight. Keep yourself on an even keel with comfy and breathable attire is a must. 


Restrictive clothing on long flights becomes uncomfortable pretty quickly. That’s why loose and flexible clothing choices are key.

Bottom: Leggings or workout pants are my immediate go-to. Leggings are stretchy and can move with you whether you’re curled up in a ball trying to catch some sleep or sitting for hours on end like my many flights to South East Asia and Africa 

Top: Layer something warm and loose-fitting with your classic legging look like a long basic tee, or sweatshirt or wrap able cardigan are my go-to looks.


The most important choice you make for an in-flight outfit is your footwear. Cramped, pinched or cold feet can turn a potentially pleasant flight into a long-haul nightmare. I recommend going with something that’s easy to slip on and off (if you don’t have TSA Pre-check or CLEAR), my go-to footwear is my Tory Burch Flats or Adidas Running Shoe.  


Tote: The right carry-on tote is clutch or backpack to accompany your carryon luggage. Only in emergency situations, do I check-a-bag.

Shawl: This must-have accessory can save the day on multiple occasions during a flight. Use it for extra warmth, ball it up into a pillow or use it as a blanket during a mid-flight freeze. It’s the easiest accessory to bring along and the one you’ll probably wind up using the most.

Neck pillow: The perfect neck pillow will help you drift off to sleep in no time flat. 

Layover in Taiwan
Tumi Luggage set

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Outfit to Wear on a Flight”

  1. Great advice! Shawls are the best. Luv how light and versatile they are. They can also be used as head coverings and leg coverings (over shorts) which is sometimes required when entering places of worship.

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  2. I MUST get TSA precheck this year! I’m a horrible packer but did much better this time. Smoke and I shared one check in for a week long vacation. I’m working on my indecisiveness, which makes me pack everything.

    Thanks for the tips.

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