Bucket List Ideas

The purpose of a bucket list is to push you to live #yourbestlife in order to maximize the incredible experiences in your life. As I travel the world I have started to put together the list of things I want to do and see while I’m traveling the world. If you need a little help with creating a bucket list you can look at the list below for some ideas.

Travel to 100 countries

Learn to scuba dive

Live abroad for a year or more

Go Skydiving

Take hot air balloon ride

Ride an elephant

See the northern lights

Go to Mars

Learn to play musical instrument

Win the Lotto

Go to Bat Cave

Go on a road trip in RV

Act in film or TV show

Be zoo keeper for a day

Swim with Sharks

Swim with Dolphins

learn and go skiing

Go white water rafting

Take part in a triathlon

Go on a safari

Conquer my biggest fear

Go zip lining

Go bamboo rafting

Take a helicopter ride

Start a business

Write a blog

Learn a different language

Run a 5k

Achieve my ideal weight

Go horseback riding

Learn a strategy game (Chess)